Micro-Lot Reserve

Ghielmetti Vineyard


Livermore Valley


Nottingham Cellars Micro-Lot Reserve wines are produced from the finest vineyards in the Livermore Valley that showcase the region’s ability to grow world class Bordeaux Varieties. Each variety is site specific and was chosen as one of our finest offerings available.

Wine Profile

Tasting Notes

Indicative to its varietal, this 2013 Nottingham Cellars Malbec is lush with purple and dark fruit aromatics of plum and blackberries integrated well with notes of oak, cinnamon and cloves. A savory, mouthwatering wine with flavors of dark fruit and tannins that increase towards the finish coating your mouth and leaving you with a lovely lingering aftertaste. Enjoy now or lay this wine down for years to come.

Vineyard Sources

The Ghielmetti Vineyard is located east of Crane Ridge in the Livermore Valley on Ruus Road. This 64 acre site is planted to all five of the noble Bordeaux varieties. We source Malbec from this site because of its structure and density, as well as its acid drive. Malbec has been the most versatile grape in my short career. The variance between sites is much more diverse than some of the other varieties. The Ghielmetti Vineyard gives us the most balanced wines to date for this variety.


The Malbec was hand-picked in the early morning of October 25th and delivered to the winery for processing. Cluster and berry sorting without crushing the fruit gave us only the finest berries destemmed into open top bins to cold soak in our 48 degree room. On the third day the bins were brought to the fermentation cellar where we pitched several different yeasts into the bins, primarily D254, BDX and D21. The wine was cellared in primarily French oak barrels, about 70% new. Of the 9 barrels produced in 2012 four were chosen to create this blend.

Wine Type
Livermore Valley
Varietal Composition
100% Malbec
(Ghielmetti Vineyard)
Alcohol %
Cases Produced