Petite Sirah

Livermore Valley


Eugene Delos Allen—or “Doc” a veterinary surgeon, worked primarily on large animals. As you might suspect, working on horses and the like is hard work. However, it has its rewards. Similarly, our hard work in the vineyard and the cellar, coupled with the “Familia Block” Petite from Casa de Vinas rewards you with a wine that has distinctive flavors from an epic site.

Wine Profile

Tasting Notes

Brooding and rich with blackberry, blueberry and plum all would together with earthy aromatics, this Petite is a big boy. Make your way through the layers of dark fruit to unwrap high tuned acidity and a gritty tannic structure suggesting that proper cellaring will unlock even more nuanced flavors.

Vineyard Sources

Casa De Vinas is our site when it comes to Petite Sirah. We have never had any reason to search elsewhere as the wines deliver on every level. The Short Row is located in the far south east corner of the property. It wraps the south side of the property’s east fence line and is separated from the Cabernet block by the dirt road that is used to work the vineyard. This row is always the ripest, gangliest looking row in the vineyard. The wild, uneven ripening and long exposures to both the AM and PM sun make for interesting wines.


Less than two tons of Petite Sirah were picked off the Short Row on October 17, 2013. The fruit was brought into the winery and was destemmed into open top bins. We decided to let this lot go Native, so we were punching down 4-5 times a day early to move things along. As fermentation reached 1/3 sugar depletion we began backing off to 2 times daily as the temperature was rising. The wines underwent native malolactic fermentation and were aged in American Oak Barrels for 16 months before bottling.

Wine Type
Red Wine
Livermore Valley
Varietal Composition
100% Petite Sirah
(Familia Block)
Alcohol %
Cases Produced