Livermore Valley is the Bay Area neighborhood wine region but rich in history


Fantastic article from the Examiner about the Livermore Valley, its importance on the California wine scene and just how awesome this Valley truly is!!

 Livermore Valley is a historic highlight in the wine industry in California. It is one of California’s oldest wine regions, earning its American Viticultural Area (AVA) status in 1982. The valley played a pivotal role in shaping California’s wine industry.

Less than an hour east of San Francisco, Livermore Valley Wine Country welcomes visitors with a flourish expanse of vineyards, wineries, and wine country experiences. Amid picturesque canyons, ridges and outposts of suburbia, the lush vines and convivial tasting rooms increasingly define the quality of life in the valley.

Closest wine region to the Bay Area and surrounded by 7.5 million people –Livermore Valley, 25 miles from downtown San Francisco

Genetic roots for 80% of all Chardonnay vines in California – Wente Winery Wente clone

Genetic roots for about 80% of California Cabernet Sauvignon vines –Concannon Winery Concannon clone

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