Keg Wine?!?

Yes … Keg Wine!!!!

Keg Wine is not a new idea. For years many wineries, including our own, have used kegs for functions all around the winery, and in Europe it is not uncommon to serve wine directly from kegs or casks. Now this practice comes to you … on tap!!

Our Keg wine programs was officially launched in 2013 under our 1846 label with the addition of a handful of Vasco and Nottingham labeled wine as well and it continues to grow every year!!

Why would anyone want keg wine?

As a winery; bottles, corks, cartons, labels and capsules all pile up on both the cost and weight of each bottle of wine; where as a keg of wine only needs a label and the keg itself. Our program began as a fleet of solely stainless steel kegs [one keg weighs less than an equivalent amount of wine in bottles], but as the quality of alternative materials became available we have transitioned to mainly all plastic “one-way” kegs allowed us to further reduce the weight of each keg and the need to recover each empty. This has allowed us to cut down on waste and costs which in turn passes on to our consumers.

For our consumers, the main benefit is freshness!! In a standard wine-by-the glass program, restaurants often keep an opened bottle around for hours or days, increasing the threat of oxidation. But that’s not a concern with kegs. At any restaurant or venue where our wine is being served on tap, kegs are connected to taps just like any beer tap. Inert gas is then pushed into the keg transporting the wine through plastic lines and out the spout. The inert gas also acts as a protective layer against oxidation inside the keg by filling any empty space, keeping oxygen out.

Concerns about bottle variation, bottle shock and faulty corks can also be taken out of the equation – no more corked bottles!! Concerns about limited space can be reduced as well [a typical keg holds the equivalent of 26 bottles.]  And by ditching the bottle restaurants can easily offer wine in different sizes, giving consumers more options, from small taste-size pours to liter-sized carafe servings.

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