Nottingham Cellars

Our Story

Our mission is to see the Livermore Valley garner the respect and attention it deserves for growing and producing Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux Style Red Blends. Everything that we do is with this intent, and we are guided by two core principles:
It Starts in the Vineyard & It Starts with the People.

it starts in the vineyard

Vineyard Partners

For us, winemaking is about telling a story of a certain site, or style of wine, authentically. We source our grapes from a handful of Livermore Valley growers who have garnered a reputation for quality and sustainability. We have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of understanding and identifying the premier vineyards in the Livermore Valley. Exploring different varieties, vineyards and growing conditions, honing in on a handful of vineyards that have consistently great quality, even in the most challenging vintages. Our greatest investment is the time and effort we put in with our growers to help shape the future of this region.

Livermore Valley


The Valley floor of Livermore sits between 500 and 600 ft above sea level and is surrounded by 360 degrees of mountainous terrain. Within the Valley we have micro-climates with varying slopes, exposures to the sun, elevation changes and soil compositions. The complete surrounding of hills lock in warmer temperatures during the days of the growing season and give us the flavor development while our proximity to the Bay and Pacific Ocean gives us a healthy marine layer every evening through the Sunol grade to the southwest, the Dublin grade to the west, and around Mount Diablo to the North West cooling the valley to give our wines the acidity they need to age gracefully. These diurnal swings are among the most dramatic in the state, and our east west orientation is unique to any other growing region in Northern California. These are the conditions that attracted us to Livermore Valley.

From the Winemaker

At Nottingham...

… We work with vineyard partners that are committed to low yield, high-quality wine-growing to give us the opportunity to create a wine that reflects its origins. We implement fermentation techniques to help bring out the essence of each of these sights, and when necessary age our wines in Oak barrels that elevate a vineyards personality rather than mask it. We by no means consider ourselves “natural winemakers”, but we do utilize some techniques like native yeast and whole cluster red fermentations on wines that we think these techniques bring value. Our wines are fermented and aged in Micro-lots. Each vintage we assemble our wines starting with Supremacy, our flagship Bordeaux Style Red Blend.

Of all of our accomplishments at Nottingham Cellars, the team I am surrounded by every day is the thing I am most proud of. I started the program at Nottingham Cellars learning from the better winemakers in Livermore Valley that were kind enough to give guidance and mentor me early on. In 2013, Alex Wolfe joined our team as a harvest intern and ended up staying on full time to work in both production and marketing. In 2018, NC had the opportunity to add Craig Ploof, one of the most talented winemakers in the region to manage the day to day winery operations and to bring a new dynamic to our winemaking program. The three of us all bring different strengths and perspectives to the team and we recognize the value that each of us brings as individuals. We believe that we are capable of producing wines that are as good as anywhere in the world.

– Collin Cranor, Winemaker

it starts with the people

Our Team

Nottingham Cellars

History & Timeline


Boutique Winery Partnership

Jeff Cranor’s passion for wine brought him into the industry as a partner in a boutique winery producing primarily Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. He saw tremendous potential and recognized the work of some new talent in the Livermore Valley.

2005History of Our Wines


Collin Becomes the Winemaker

Jeff’s son, Collin starts showing some interest in the industry. Collin works as a glazer, but in his spare time he was hanging out in the cellar taking in as much knowledge from the winemaker at the time. A few days a month turned into nights and weekends at the winery. Collin’s passion really kicked in after his first harvest – still not old enough to legally consume his efforts. When Jeff decided to branch out, Collin took the role as winemaker.

2006A Passion for Winemaking


Nottingham takes the Region

Jeff convinced his partner to purchase some grapes from some Livermore Valley vineyards. Needless to say, Jeff hit the nail on the head, and his passion for the Livermore Valley grew to a point that he decided to break away from his partnership and take on the region wholeheartedly.

2007The Livermore Vineyard Partnership


The Future of World-Class Winemaking

The 1860’s were a time of major development in this region we now call the Livermore Valley. Some 25 years had passed since Robert Livermore had planted the first commercial wine grapes of the region and the town was in the midst of its renaissance. Its time as a stopping point for the gold rush was coming to an end, and the town was starting to create its own identity. The area remained nameless for some time, only land grants being indicators. That was until the Nottingham Post Office opened on January 25, 1869. The name of the post office was changed on July 7, 1870, when William Mendenhall established a formal City Hall. Nottingham Cellars wines are a tribute to the rich history that precedes us and the future of world-class winemaking in this Valley.

1860s – 1870sThe History of Nottingham