Five Years of Supremacy

Since harvest 2008, we have been on a mission to find the best Bordeaux vineyards in the Livermore Valley with one goal in mind: crafting the perfect wine. By perfect, we mean expressive of both the varietal make up and the region in which it is grown. In this case, we are talking about the Five Noble Bordeaux varieties grown here in the Livermore Valley.


With each vintage comes a better understanding of what different vineyards bring to the table as far as aromatics, color, flavor profile and texture. We have made tremendous strides in viticulture efforts to provide us the best possible raw materials. As we hone in on these benchmark vineyards’ distinctions and work with our growing partners to improve quality, we continue to trial new vineyards, opening up more and more possibilities and in the process spreading our breadth of available blending components.

In the winery we have established regimens that we feel best extract and capture the distinctions of these vineyards. We continue to trial new barrels, yeasts, fermentation methods, cellaring methods; anything we can do to get a leg up and improve.

With the 2012 vintage we felt our understanding of this Valley as a whole, as well as its individual vineyards’ distinctions, coupled with one of California’s best winegrowing seasons allowed us our best chance yet at crafting perfect wine. It was our best vintage across the board. Each site produced beautiful wines, representing their soils and locale to their fullest potential. This wine is a benchmark of not only our humble roots, but a nod to the future direction of our Supremacy program.

After five years we have enhanced our vision of the wines we strive to produce. In celebration of this new direction we are excited to reveal our new label for Supremacy. It is as bold and straight forward as our mission: crafting the perfect wine from Livermore Valley’s best vineyards; and its sleek, sophisticated profile is a sign of what to expect in the bottle.

We invite you to join in the celebration of Five Years of Supremacy. The official release is scheduled for July 2nd. We have some awesome events planned between now and the release that are available exclusively to you, our valued club members. See the next page for more details.

Date Sheets: Explore the previous vintages of Supremacy – click on the date to view each data sheet.